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About A.R.C. Natural History Day Camp​

This summer marks the 39th season for A.R.C.
Camp. Initiated in 1984 by the Piedmont
Environmental Council's Wildlife Education
Committee, it is one of seven Natural History Day
Camps in Virginia. The camp is locally sponsored
by the Garden Clubs of Albemarle, Rivanna, and
Charlottesville, thus the name A.R.C.



Kevin Murphy, camp director for the past
33 seasons, is a retired science teacher. Other staff members are experienced educators or
college students. High School and
college interns and one qualified adult
accompany each group of eight campers.



The purpose of the camp is to teach young people how to be
observant, inquisitive, sensitive, and resourceful. Discovery is the key to a fun learning experience, and each day we explore a different habitat - pond, creek, meadow or forest - to see what each area has to offer. Natural History is studied through observation, tracking, field experiments, and games. Campers are encouraged to record their experiences through drawings and other artistic expressions in their journals.

Other events may include a presentation from a wildlife
biologist, an artist, or a forester. We also play camp games
which involve role playing and team building. An all camp
favorite, capture-the-flag, rounds out many of the afternoons.

Rainy weather usually does not dampen the enthusiasm for
romping through forests and streams. Activities continue in all but severe weather.

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